Are you permitted to bring your whole self to work?

Hi, this is Melissa Love. A few days ago, I was listening in on a virtual HR summit and I heard something really interesting. I hope that in my lifetime, hopefully during the course of my career, we start to see the C-suite people realize that culture, EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT are things that we need to take advantage of. We need to spotlight and feature and we need to INVEST in it. When will the C-suite people start to realize that the emotional health of employees really effect their bottom line? If I’m feeling my best 1) I’m going to show up for work and 2) I’m going to give it my all. If I’m not feeling the mission of the company, or if I’m not feeling like I’m in a psychologically safe environment where I can share my views and my comments and my questions in a way that’s going to be acceptable by both my colleagues and supervisors, then I’m going to start to retreat and I’m not going to be the best self I can possibly be. I’m not going to be the best employee I can possibly be. So when will the C-suite people start to wake up and realize that we don’t check our emotions at the door? We don’t compartmentalize. And we are our whole self. When are we allowed to bring our whole self to work? What are you doing to allow your employees to bring their whole self to work? #EmployeeEngagement #EmployeeInvestment