You are amazing, incredible and so impactful. What an incredible way to get everyone out of their comfort zone. This is brilliant. I love it. I admire you on a totally new level now. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Truly unique – completely authentic. I want this in my life in every single capacity. Melissa, you are a super hero!Lauren Kurtz, Strategic Sales, Major Accounts, ADP

I’m going to take everything I just learned and use it. I am so excited about having my next call with a customer.Michael Hughes, Director, Enterprise Sales at QuestionPro

The Austin chapter of Empowering a Billion Women was able to experience the magic of Melissa Love in August of 2018. This day will go down in EBW Austin chapter history. Melissa was the most energetic and engaging keynote speaker we had all year. Rarely is our group out of our seats, laughing and connecting the way we were during this particular meeting. The activities she facilitated not only broke the ice between a room full of strangers, but by the end we all knew what it meant to be your true self. Being yourself is a key factor when navigating the entrepreneurial space that many of the women and men associated with EBW are in- Melissa’s entrepreneurial story also inspired this same message of living your truth. Also, by the end, everyone gained a greater understanding of how improv games can be used as a tool to break down communication barriers, ignite the creative synapses, and build community amongst a group- The only complaint we received was that people’s faces hurt from smiling too much’ Thank you for gracing us with your fiery energy Melissa!Audrey Brazeel, EBW Austin Chapter 

Melissa’s workshop was great. She brought the whole group together, helped us understand that there are always commonalities amongst us, even when we don’t know it and if we can tap into those common grounds, we can increase productivity, the strength of relationships and value. – Bill Hopkins, Partner, Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton LLP/President of Austin Texas Diversity Council

Truly sensational today!! Melissa Love was TRLUY MAGICAL in the presentation & fun factor for the Monthly lunch & learn meeting. Applause...Applause...Applause...!!! #YouGotPeopleCheeringToFail!!!Rob Nussbaum, Co-Founder, The Jackbaum Group

Thank you so much for joining us last week. I thought the work you did with us was spot on. They continued to talk about it throughout the week. –Deborah Duffy, Executive Director, Women in Insurance and Financial Services

This was so helpful and really resonated with the team, once again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! – Jennifer Buchanan

If you are planning a conference, you've got to have Melissa Love! Super-engaging. – Andie Stafford, Vice President, First Insured Group
The workshop was phenomenal. Melissa is a natural! I had such a wonderful time. Everyone should hire her. – Carla Olona- Mendoza, Agent, New York Life Insurance 

Oh my God, Melissa Love's networking workshop was so amazing. We have to do this at lease once a quarter because it created such incredibly fun & enthusiastic energy! She can teach an old dog like me some new tricks and that's saying a lot. Out of all the training and seminars about how to be your best self and how to turn anything into a conversation, You...Melissa, are the missing piece. This was one of the best networking days of my life. – Ron Urias, Owner, Farmers Insurance 

Melissa’s team building workshop allowed me to step out of my normal role and give me more confidence to speak out. We are often very serious because of the work we do, it was lovely to let our group laugh together… it really allowed us to enjoy one another.– Lauren Little, Jeremiah Program
Melissa really helped our group chill out, be spontaneous and color outside the lines. The whole experience was super fun and it really refreshed my outlook and opened the door to my imagination. Every group should do this for the inspiration and authenticity Melissa brings.– Alexis Ferguson, Empowering a Billion Women/Rodan + Fields
This was an amazing workshop. Everyone should do it. You need to get out of your comfort zone and have fun. Corporate people definitely need my friend, Melissa Love. Excellent, excellent workshop. I would do it again.– Joy McClain, Business Owner
I like the way you said its okay to be wrong and we applauded and it was owned. During dinner the evening of your workshop I applied a few of the things I learned. The networking workshop is definitely a resource that I will share. –Mario P. Saldaña,  US Health Advisors


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