You landed your dream job.

You launched your own business.

You got the promotion.

What’s the ONE leading factor that will determine your future success?

We all have dreams of a successful career. We work hard for years to get there and gained valuable experience along the way. We may know our subject but hesitate to be heard. Opportunities for networking and making memorable impressions fall to the wayside.

It’s time to gain confidence and take your communication skills to a new level. Develop the skills you need to get ahead, make your goals a reality, share your vision, build sales and inspire and motivate others using effective communication skills.  Be the one who stands out—not just another face in the crowd.

Introducing the program that “kicks fear to the curb.” Communication Empowerment by Everybody Up!

Just think:

What if…

You possessed the confidence to speak up in meetings and get your ideas heard?

What if…

You could think on your feet and craft a response in any given situation?

What if…

You were sought after by others as an “expert” in your field?

What if…

By the power of your words you could energize and motivate teams to reach your goals?

What if…

You could diffuse workplace conflict simply by observing tone, social cues and body language?

What if…

You could increase your teams’ sales by motivating them with energy and enthusiasm?

What if…

You held your future in your hands because you harnessed the power of communication?


  • Make authentic connections with those who count
  • Use empathy and emotion to build rapport and create trust
  • Create camaraderie and collaboration with individuals and teams
  • Unlock the secret of body language
  • Engage in active listening without thinking of what to say next
  • Speak up in meetings without fear and stress
  • Strengthen relationships and inspire others
  • Increase productivity in your teammates and self
  • Develop leadership skills to get ahead
  • Be persuasive and motivate others
  • Rid yourself of the fight or flight response once and for all
  • Use emotion and empathy to put others at ease
  • Build long-lasting customer relationships and increase sales
  • Overcome paralysis analysis and the fear of being “put on the spot”

The workshop was phenomenal. Melissa is a natural! I had such a wonderful time. Everyone should hire her.

- Carla Olona-Mendoza, New York Life


What You Can Expect:

  • (5) 90-minute fun-filled, energetic sessions (through Zoom) to inspire and motivate where you will practice your new-found skills with other attendees
  • Memorable, experiential interactive exercises that you can use again and again
  • Real-time assessment and coaching
  • Small group breakout sessions for peer reactions
  • (1) one-on-one 60-minute coaching session with Professional Coaching Expert Melissa Love.
  • Lifetime access to a video recording of each workshop


Other programs of this caliber costs businesses and corporations tens of thousands. Everybody Up! has developed this program for individuals and team members interested in their own professional development.

Your Cost: $399

Program Dates:

Wednesday: September 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2020

Class Times:

12noon-1:30pm CST

Location: Online (Zoom)


For 25 years I worked on the front lines serving clients like Rolls-Royce, Rose-Hulman, Choctaw Casinos, The Venetian Casino & Resort, Chuy’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway and the Indiana Department of Transportation to name a small handful. Then one day I realized, it was not enough, not enough for me to continue serving clients. I wanted to support those employees working the front lines, in sales, in customer service. And by serving employees instead of clients, I could positively impact employee retention, customer retention and revenue. In a nutshell, I provide communication workshops to companies world-wide to inspire human connection, kindness and laughter in the workplace. I want to make working for a company more fun, more enjoyable. And if employees truly enjoy who they work with and for, they will serve the company better, they will serve their managers better and inevitably provide higher levels of customer service – both internally and externally.