Company Culture

Hi, Melissa Love here, I want to talk about COMPANY CULTURE. What things in the business world are happening… things that EXCITE you about company culture? Are people allowed to have a VOICE AT THE TABLE? Are people allowed to make suggestions? Are people allowed to work from home, occasionally? Is it seen as a major inconvenience if you have to go pick up a sick child from school, and need to work the rest of the day from home? Are those the sort of things that are CREATING POSITIVE COMPANY CULTURE for you? Are you encouraged to talk to your colleagues? Or are conversations shut down? Is there an open-door policy with your supervisors? Can you go in and talk to them about anything… things that might be happening to you personally that might reflect on your PRODUCTIVITY? For those frontline CUSTOMER SERVICE people… you have a customer that calls and really just chews you out? Do your supervisors allow you a couple minutes to take a breath and take a MENTAL BREAK? Are they allowing you to take a psychological and emotional break? Because if you think to yourself, “If I take the next call right now, right after somebody just screamed to me, can I be a POSITIVE AMBASSADOR for this business?” Instead, “I know I need to take two minutes to center myself… to meditate, take a moment for myself and regroup, I know I will be in a better place for that next call.” Always remember, we’re HUMANS and we have EMOTIONS.