Dancing Alone, My Vulnerability

Hi, everybody, Melissa Love here. I’m talking about vulnerability this week. I am on the cruise ship still. By the time you see it, I won’t be on the cruise so feel free to reach out. I just did something by myself. I learned how to do the dance steps to the video Thriller by Michael Jackson. A song from a long time ago, the 80s, I think. It was interesting, my husband and son didn’t show up, which is fine. But at the same time, I’m doing something fun and I don’t have anybody to share it with at the moment. So if you’re like me, I’m constantly trying to make eye contact to share in this fun experience with some stranger that’s on the dance floor with me as well. Trying to learn these dance moves. I kept searching the crowd to see if maybe my family was rooting me on. They were not, which is fine. I was not extremely out of my comfort zone because I’m not afraid to dance and a lot of people there had never learned this dance before either. I was a little bit vulnerable because there weren’t people that I knew standing next to me. Even though I failed a few times, that failure pushed me to keep on going. I think that there’s some strength in that and some inspiration, not motivation, but inspiration – just to keep on going because sometimes our failures push us and in the end it was fun. It was a fun experience. I did make eye contact with some people and laughed with them. They weren’t laughing at me by any stretch of the imagination. It was a shared, “Oh, we both made that mistake”. Luckily I didn’t put anybody’s eye out with my dance moves. So that’s all good. The silver lining…Nobody died. I’m still okay. I didn’t sweat that much. So that’s a good thing. I can still have all my makeup on. So there are my silver linings of pushing yourself.