Find your Power Song

Hi everybody, Melissa Love here. I was thinking about power songs and how much music can really motivate us and change our entire mood. I was on my way to meet with a potential client the other day and I really wasn’t feeling like I was in the moment or feeling like I was in the right headspace. So I called a friend of mine, yes I phoned a friend and I explained that I was simply not feeling it. Please tell me that I’m beautiful or tell me I’ve got this or tell me it’s going to be fine. Tell me something that I can focus on. And she’s like, “you know what you need to do is, you need to play your song. Do you have a power song?” And I said, Yeah, yeah.
“I want you to roll down the windows and I want you to crank that music and sing that song at the top of your lungs.” Music can be extremely powerful. Even the Journal of Positive Psychology found that people that listen to upbeat music can change their mood and boost their happiness in just two weeks. So I challenge you to find your power song… that jam that makes it easier to strike your Superwoman pose. Right before I go on stage, I strike that Superwoman pose, right! So you’re wondering what mine is… mine is an oldie. It’s a theater song, Defying Gravity. She says, “I’m not gonna let anybody pull me down.” That’s why it’s my song. I love the chorus. I love the meaning behind it. I’ve seen Wicked three or four times. It might not be your song, but it’s one that speaks to my heart and speaks to the energy that I always like to have. I encourage you to find your power song and it will help you maintain that smile that we sometimes have to fake for a while but I find if I play that power song, it’s a lot easier for me to get up on stage and really BRING IT!