The benefits of improv can be felt quickly and have long-lasting positive effects. Here's just a few we've experienced.

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  • Eliminates boundaries between departments
  • Helps employees discover connections with fellow team members
  • Gives participants permission to speak confidently and share openly about themselves
  • Helps individuals learn to think on their feet
  • Improves flexibility, teamwork, problem-solving and creative thinking skills
  • Improves communication and decision making skills
  • Encourages positive collaboration and conflict resolution
  • Increases employee engagement and improves employee moral
  • Increases participants’ awareness of one’s strengths
  • Discovers new found skills and talent
  • Helps team members builds trust
  • Creates the ability to easily overcome failure
  • Improves public speaking, presentation and networking skills
  • Creates an energetic and enthusiastic attitude
  • Is a great stress releaser
  • Helps you learn to inspire others
  • Improves your business storytelling skills
  • Improves customer relations
  • Improves interpersonal relationships
  • Improves brainstorming abilities
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  • Improves listening, observation and nonverbal communication skills
  • Increases business productivity and efficiency
  • Increases individual and team confidence
  • Increases flexibility and adaptability
  • Helps individuals observe the world differently and find less obvious connections between ideas
  • Helps team members adapt to new or changing situations seamlessly
  • Increases self-acceptance
  • Increases one’s ability to focus and concentrate
  • Creates a sense of fun!

How it Works

Improv hones the skills of observing, connecting and responding. As your team learns to  improvise it will make you faster, more nimble, and better able to execute.


Just as audiences want to see you succeed on stage, so do managers, presidents, co-workers and clients want and like to see your business succeed. On an improv stage and in business there is often no time to plan and things change constantly and quickly. If one does not change and evolve through observing, connecting and responding quickly the individual or business could fail. Improv strengthens your ability to think on your feet, make decisions quickly and pay close attention to how those decisions are affecting others.


At Everybody Up! We mean just that – this is not a class where we stand at the front of the class with a projector and talk for hours and expect everyone to take notes. Instead, everyone will be up on their feet, practicing the skills we provide along the way. And we promise, no test at the end.

Through low-pressure exercises we teach participants how to be present in the moment, listen carefully and contribute freely. In addition, we will help individuals approach difficult situations and work together to obtain lofty goals.

Next Steps...

Overall, improv exercises increase the likelihood that team members will feel comfortable communicating in a variety of work situations. Want to bring out the best in your team? Sign up today.

Seven out of 10 people say that training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with a company.