I am not a sales person!

Hi everybody, Melissa Love here. I wanted to take a moment.. anybody that knows me knows that I’m not a salesperson. But today I was reminded of something I preach all the time, which is
the failure bow. As I was heading to a meeting with a new prospective client, somebody in HR… someone I wanted to sell my team building program to I remembered that I needed to simply approach it as a conversation. I knew that even if I blew it, I would learn something. AND I also knew that I know somebody specifically that I can call and do a failure bow with. Just the thought of that made me feel like oh, I’m going to be excited about doing a failure bow because it’s no big deal.
There are thousands, if not millions of opportunities in this world for me and my business. So if I fall flat on my face with one, I will just get right back up, take a failure bow and have somebody celebrate that I stepped out of my comfort zone in sales because I am not a salesperson. Always remember, step out of your comfort zone, try something new. And if you start to feel like anxious about it, remember that you can call me and I will celebrate the crap out of you as you take an amazing failure bow. You know, I always say in my workshops, FAIL is the First Attempt In Learning! Just having that thought on the way to this meeting filled me with confidence and joy again. I could look forward to a possible failure bow and know that everything was NOT hanging on this one meeting. Because again, we have millions of opportunities to impress upon people, share our passions and our message.