Inspire Peak Performance: Start REALLY Communicating with Your Team.

As business leaders, you’ve prioritized technology and processes for business continuity, scrambled to assemble a remote workforce and maybe even felt a sense of achievement about making it through the first weeks of the new normal set upon us by the pandemic. But now, the challenges of managing remote teams are rising to the surface and the number one difficulty on the forefront is communication. And, you’re hearing that every other team is struggling with it as well.

Efficient, effective communication is at the heart of every successful business and it is especially essential for remote teams. When communication falters, a number of problems arise. Employees who are already feeling stress overload, can feel isolated from the team and over time, morale is affected and burnout occurs.

Your employees are your most vital asset, your most valuable resource. Above all, they need to feel a sense of connectedness, an assurance that they are being heard and that they matter.

Are you fostering a culture of communication–you know, it has to start at the top. If your employees see you leading with awareness, vulnerability, empathy and compassion, they will follow suit.

Effective communication can restore employee confidence and trust which will drive the collaboration, creativity and capabilities that make up successful teams.

At the beginning of the day, remind yourself to:

  1. Show Your Authenticity as a Leader
  2. Be Transparent and Build Trust
  3. Overcommunicate and Lead with Empathy
  4. Make a habit of active listening with team members and employees

Then before you lay your head to rest each evening, write a quick note or make a mental checklist of the behaviors you demonstrated, the conversations you had and the questions you asked throughout the day that illustrated each of the above.

You are not alone. You are not perfect and, because humans are very selfish people, everyone has room for improvement when it comes to communication. Today you may have faltered a bit–perhaps you didn’t greet anyone on your Zoom calls with a smile or nod of encouragement. Guess what? Tomorrow you can make the decision to change. Being aware of your mistakes or missteps is the first step to improvement.

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