Is your Manager Hearing you?

Hi, Everybody, Melissa Love here. Somebody asked me the other day what it takes to take a seat at the table and have an opinion that is actually heard. To answer this, I want to start with managers because are you creating a place where people feel like they can share their opinion, share their comments, and also share their OPPOSING VIEWS? Do you quickly shut people down that disagree with you?

Do you say, “you know what, TELL ME MORE ABOUT THAT IDEA” or “LET’S EXPLORE that idea together. Do you “YES, AND” your team or do you “Yes, but” them? If you “Yes, but” them it’s simply a polite way of saying no. “Yes, and” doesn’t automatically say that you’re going to accept and act on the idea immediately. However, it does allow you to BUILD ON SOME ELSE’S IDEA. You can build on an idea in all kinds of different directions. So, taking a seat at the table depends heavily on the MANAGERS that surround you. Are your managers allowing every teammate to take a seat at their table and LET EVERYONE’S VOICE BE HEARD. #YourOpinionMatters #BeHeard #WorkplaceCommunication