Musical Chairs with Apple

One of my clients reminded me today of what I had done for Apple. They asked me to come in and work with their meetings department. As with many departments in Apple, this department stretched worldwide. They asked me to come in because they had experienced a lot of musical chairs. A lot of people were moving up in this department, a lot of people were moving out and a lot of new people were moving in. So they had all of these new people, all these new faces, and a lot of uncertainty with people that had a new boss or had a new colleague sitting right next to them. Their best friend for four years was gone. That was “their person”. The person they knew they can depend on and ask questions, is no longer there. So they asked me to come in and jumpstart this team’s internal community. I did a number of workshops here in Austin and also flew out to Cupertino, California to do a workshop and people from all over the world flew in to participate.