Applied improv is taking concepts, ideas and techniques from the world of improvisation and applying them to business, relationships and life. Its results are far reaching and the benefits of utilizing these concepts are many. Check out benefits here and see results from workshops we’ve performed here.

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Are you profit-driven or people-driven? Is it possible to be both? By combining your leadership skills with a genuine authenticity that reflects your core values, you create a workplace that’s open and human. When people feel like they can be themselves and be honest in their feelings it naturally leads to more creative, collaborative teams. Being authentic improves your well-being, strengthens your relationships and breaks down barriers of communication. Everybody Up will teach you how to open up, let your guard down, step out of your comfort zone and lean into authenticity. By using the tools of Applied Improv, we have designed a series of entertaining, low pressure exercises that emphasize removing masks and putting trust in being the real you. Improv encourages positive collaboration, improves employee morale and interjects energy and enthusiasm among its participants. The workplace today can use more leaders willing to be themselves. By using the tools of Applied Improv, you can build teams based on mutual respect, loyalty and a positivity that is reflected in your bottom line.

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Building teams that are strong and united is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. When teams share a common vision, they are more productive and relaxed, the quality of work improves, relationships thrive and you’ll see a lower turnover as well as decreased absenteeism, all components that affect your bottom line. Our exercises focus on communication, building trust, mitigating conflict, supporting colleagues and accepting and building on each other’s suggestions. Effective team building means more engaged employees. Let us motivate and empower your team to create a positive workplace culture. We’ll get your people on their feet playing, having fun and learning what it means to be part of a team.

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First impressions are built not only by how we present our physical selves, but by verbal and nonverbal skills as well. Your tone, expression, gestures and body language can speak volumes over what is said out loud. In fact, one popular study (hyperlink) stated when it comes to determining our likability, body language accounts for 93% of communication while the remaining 7% are words. Everybody Up! uses traditional and nontraditional approaches to teach you how to read others’ body language and be aware of your own; practice empathy and use emotions within context; think on your feet in any type of situation that demands communicating, practice active listening and help you and your team become more relatable and approachable. Our experiential learning techniques are invaluable resulting in increased productivity and work performance, employee loyalty, greater revenue and fewer workplace conflicts.

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We may have knowledge of the subject matter we wish to convey but delivering your message in a calm, deliberate way is a whole other story. This program uses applied improv techniques and exercises to finally “kick fear to the curb.” You are enough. You are inspiring, you did all the research, you know the answers. Let’s uncover your courage so you can share impactful, interesting, intelligent speeches. Our curriculum includes methods and activities that will teach you how to read a room, use body language to your advantage and learn the keys to powerful storytelling. You will learn how to use non-verbal skills effectively to empower your message, think on your feet and hone on-the-spot speaking skills. You’ll utilize all areas of communication to create an empowered first impression with your audience, one that creates trust, confidence and rapport before you speak your first word.

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Unhappy American workers cost employers $300 billion dollars a year in lost productivity. Moreover, workers who face chronic stress suffer fatigue, irritability and illness. An employee’s level of happiness has direct effect on their commitment, productivity, creativity and relationships. In Destress/Reconnect, Everybody Up! comes to your place of business and interjects energy and enthusiasm back into the workplace. Our customized content is focused on giving adults permission to play, connect with one another and shake off the stress of the day. The workshop is designed to create a safe environment in which participants feel comfortable letting go of inhibitions, laughing and seeing each other in a new light. Workers will return to their seats with renewed enthusiasm and productivity.

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There is power in making authentic connections with fellow humans. However, walking into a room of strangers can be difficult, not to mention the concept of getting into a first-time conversation with a complete stranger. Some find networking to be intimidating, even paralyzing. This quick-paced session equips you with simple, effective ways to jump into conversations, form connections and identify people that can help you and vice versa. Session includes improv, traditional instruction and practical models. Everybody Up! will present a fun-filled, fast-paced workshop featuring: tips on how to strike up a conversation with a stranger, questions to ask when jumping into a first-time conversation, how to quickly connect with complete strangers, how to get out of a conversation and how to book 1-on-1 meetings with people.

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