Summer Heat doesn’t need to get your employees hot under the collar.

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As a manager of people, it’s vital to anticipate employee needs and keep everybody engaged and motivated to do their jobs. When the days last long and the heat index rises, it’s up to you to help keep your team from getting hot under the collar. Here’s some quick tips you can employ during the months when everyone wants to be anywhere but at work.

Meet outdoors
If at all possible, take your meeting outside. There’s nothing worse than seeing the sun shining outside an office window when you’re stuck inside. Many corporate campuses have beautifully manicured outdoor settings where employees can gather for an outdoor session.  Often a quick break in fresh air and sunshine revitalize sluggish employees and help them be more productive when back inside.

Ice Cream Runs

Ice cream can go a long way to keep people happy. Treat employees to a weekly ice cream run. Each week have a different employee choose their favorite destination for the sweet stuff and when the order arrives employees are free to go outside and enjoy the treat.

Introduce Summer Friday Hours

As long as work is completed, offer employees the benefit of leaving the office at 3 on Fridays. Nothing feels better than to get the weekend started off early and your employees will be more motivated to work harder during their time in the office.

Summer Fun Raffle

Create a summer fun raffle lasting from Memorial Day to Labor Day where everyone is in a drawing for a sleep-in day, long lunch or early dismissal. Each week winners are announced and plan it so everyone wins something at least a couple times per season.

Reward employees with Incentives

If you’re an organization that sets sales goals, make it fun. If you’re goal is to reach $200,000 in a particular time period, then when the goal has been reached, reward employees with $200 each and take them shopping.

Company-planned Outings

Take your team to an afternoon baseball game, movie or off campus-brainstorming session. Foot the bill for the refreshments during these outings.

After-work Happy Hours

Gather employees for an after work happy hour. Have managers buy a couple rounds to get everyone off to a good start and watch the camaraderie build.

Lunch with the Boss

Take an employee out to lunch at a place of his/her choice. Keep work talk to a minimum and use the time to find out more about the employee’s interests, hobbies and family.

Impromptu Time Off

Choose an afternoon to send an email announcing, “It’s a beautiful day. Go enjoy it!” and send everyone home.

Make Your Employees Use Their Vacation Days

Over 40% of employees do not use all their vacation days each year for the fear of coming back to a mountain of work they left behind. Create a way to spread their workload and encourage your employees to get out of the office and make the most of their summer days.

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ABOUT EVERYBODY UP!: I spent the first 20 years of my career working the front lines with multi-million-dollar clients like Trump Entertainment Resorts, Rolls-Royce, Subway, Pizza Hut, Indiana Department of Transportation and Rolls-Human. In 2011 I fell into improv and found it could conquer my fear of public speaking and allowed me to always be my authentic self. Because of the strong connectedness and the 100% acceptance, it provided me a freedom I had never experienced before. Shared laughter, shared positive experiences, strong community, stress relief and group therapy all rolled up together… That’s the power of improv. This is why I now provide workshops to companies nationwide to inspire human connection, kindness and laughter in the workplace. If you’re looking to build bridges that connect managers to their team and attract inspired employees to grow your business Everybody Up! can help.

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