Thank you Launch Pad Job Club

I just came from presenting to the Austin Launch Pad Job Club. It was a room full of people that are looking for a job or looking to change jobs. Everybody came in with a near frown on their face, not really happy, not many smiles. And as a public speaker, I was getting a little concerned that I’m really going to have to ‘BRING IT’ to get these people to connect authentically with one another. And to also be open to my message. I know that I can be a little bit enthusiastic. I was starting to question myself. “Will I be received well?” I started getting butterflies in my stomach and I had to breathe through those butterflies and those feelings of anxiety and start to sing my power song over and over in my head. I was getting nervous. Gosh, darn it! That public speaking judgment monkey that we allow to climb up on our shoulder and say that we’re not enough, I had to kick that monkey right to the curb and say I am enough. And I am going to bring it and I am going to be my authentic self… my super enthusiastic and super passionate self. By the time I finished talking, and by the time the workshop was over, the energy in the room had completely changed. Because I’m infectious. And I don’t want to be braggadocious but what I do is infectious. And the passion that I bring to speaking engagements is contagious.
Every single person in that room was laughing and connecting and being kind and respectful to one another as they got to know each other. People opened up and stepped out of their comfort zone. Yeah! I know that’s difficult. We like to stay in that rut, that comfortable rut that allows us just to stay here and not learn anymore. I’m so excited that the people in that room made a decision to step out of their comfort zone and decide, “I’m going to try something new.” By the time they left there were smiles all over the room. I enjoyed the group of people so, so much. Looking for a job can leave you feeling desperate and the participants managed to pushed those feelings aside and opened themselves up to learning and connecting authentically with one another. They wanting to learn more about one another. I just loved it. It was such a really, really great opportunity. 1) They gave me a parking space right up front and had like a little placard. You might have seen the posting earlier today of the pic. And 2) they also give me a gift. I speak for free a lot and to be given a gift is an amazing thing. It’s the little things in life that mean so much… A smile on somebody’s face based on how you inspired them can be extremely impactful and it made my day. Thank you, everybody, that was there today at the Launch Pad Job Club. I appreciate you!