Women in Leadership Panel

Hi everybody, Melissa Love here. I wanted to share a few takeaways from the Austin Contact Center Alliance, Women in Leadership panel from last Thursday. A special thanks to Megan Kelley of SHI, Jen Jackson of Serenova and Terry Mattson from Allergan. I really appreciated these ladies being on this panel. Lauren Kurtz of ADP, you hit a home run as a moderator. You’re amazing. Here are a couple of the things that I took away:

• Own your narrative. Own your story. If you don’t tell your story, somebody else is going to tell their story and I bet it’s probably not what you want them to say. When you own your story others are going to feel empowered to be their authentic self and to share their story as well.

• Challenge ideas and share opinions. Don’t be fueled by fear.

• Leadership is being authentic and vulnerable. Huge one there.

• Give yourself permission to have a life outside of work.

• Diversity is in being invited to the party and Inclusion is being asked to dance.

My favorite quote of the day was by Jen Jackson, Serenova, “Be drunk girl supportive.” We all saw them in college, we know what that looks like. We saw how they behaved, be drunk, girl supportive…So supportive, that you’re completely over the top but always genuine. I love that quote. So if you missed it invite these ladies to your organization to inspire you and to to help your business grow because they were amazing.