Managers should fail

Hi Everybody! Melissa Love here. I’m so excited because I wanted to share a little tip for using the failure bow and continuing the Everybody Up! message in your businesses. Anybody that’s taken a workshop with me, know that I believe FAILing is simply the
If you don’t allow your team to fail every once in a while, and more importantly, allow them to see your missteps, as a manager, you’re only going to get those people that are the best of the best. And you’re not going to encourage anybody to rise to the occasion. If we’re constantly fearing failure, then we’re going to get nowhere. I spent the first week of January with a bunch of engineers and they believe in failing fast and I really like that because it’s all about not living in that failure moment, but just living it, learning it and then moving the crap on. I welcome you to take a failure bow. You need to release that pressure valve. You need to take a failure bow every once in a while… maybe not with your clients. If you, as a manager, can encourage that kind of approachability, that relatability you will go further faster. Because if you are constantly succeeding, it makes you unrelatable. A FAILURE BOW goes like this, you raise your hands way in the air. This is not a failure bow. This is the start position. You need to raise your hands way in the air and you need to say, “I FAILED”. And the end part is everybody around you needs to clap their hands, holler, chant your name and celebrate your failure. You stepped out of your comfort zone. You tried something new. So my suggestion to you managers out there is to celebrate failure. Just because you fail does not mean you’re a failure. Again – just because you failed. Does that mean you’re a failure! I want you to allow yourself, your teammates and your employees to fail. I want them to see your missteps. It will make telling you their mistakes that much easier. Do you want your employees to hide the mistakes they’ve made? Or do you want them to tell you the mistakes that they’ve made so you can help remedy the situation and help them learn from that experience? Or would you rather they just brush it under the rug, hide it and let it get bigger and bigger? So that’s my suggestion to you. I hope it helps you. I’d love to hear what you think about it. Let’s chat anytime.