If you want your conference or meeting to get participants excited and engaged, allow our founder, Melissa Love, to present at your function.

Your audience will learn inspiring and practical take-aways to build on their strengths as leaders and valuable team-players.

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Melissa Love is

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Agile Austin, Leading with Authenticity Workshop, Invited Speaker

ACCA Fall Symposium, Team Building/Employee Engagement Workshop, Invited Speaker

eWomen: Networking Workshop, Invited Speaker

Actuary Club of SW Texas: Networking and Soft Skills Workshop,  Invited Speaker

Austin Customer Support & Success, Invited Speaker

HERdacity: Leading with Authenticity Workshop, Invited Speaker

Hire Texas: Networking Workshop for Job Seekers, Invited Speaker

Goodwill of Central Texas: Team Building Workshop, Workshop Facilitator

Samsung: Women in Technology Chapter Meeting, Networking/Interpersonal Skills, Invited Speaker

HPI Real Estate Services & Investments: Internal Customer Service, Keynote Speaker

Austin Contact Center Alliance: How to Increase Productivity with Employee Engagement and Empowerment, Invited Speaker

Project Management Institute: Networking Workshop: How to breath after talking to strangers, Invited Speaker

Innotech, Austin Women in Technology Summit: Increasing Productivity Through Team Building and Employee Engagement, Invited Speaker

AA-ISP: Increase Productivity Through Team Building & Communication, Featured Speaker

FreeCon Freelance Conference: Networking: The Power of Authentic Connections – Get attendees up on their feet, moving, talking and laughing together. Using games and activities from the world of improv, we provide a fun, interactive experience for your attendees.

Empowering A Billion Women: Speed Networking Workshop, Featured Speaker

Boundless Network: Annual Sales Conference Kick Off, Featured Speaker

Texas Diversity Council: Team Building Workshop, Featured Speaker

AllianceBernstein: Team Building Workshop, Workshop Facilitator

Jeremiah Program: Team Building Program, Workshop Facilitator

Professional Teleservice Management Association: Team Building/Employee Engagement Workshop, Featured Speaker

Women in Insurance & Financial Services: Board of Directors Team Building Program, Workshop Facilitator

South Austin Business Association: Speed Networking Workshop, Featured Speaker

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