Business as (un)usual.

In an unusual time, we provide corporate communication workshops proven to improve:

leadership. employee retention. customer loyalty. customer retention.

Is your team facing challenges in the
virtual workplace?

While the world changed, the way we work did, too. Adjusting to a new or remote work environment can be tough even on the most seasoned professionals.

Every workplace faced disruption over
the last couple years.

No matter how much a company rose to the occasion for their employees, it is natural for all members of the workforce to feel an affect on morale – adjusting to a new world and way of working.

Communication takes time. Time is money.

Our below programs are solutions to the two major challenges companies are facing today.


Through low-pressure exercises and thoughtful workshops, Everybody Up! By Melissa Love teaches your team how to be present in the moment, listen carefully and contribute confidently.

Help the members of your organization improve and refine the way they communicate and listen, no matter how unexpected the situation.


  • 93% reported that the workshop gave them additional tactics to better serve their clients.
  • 78% felt they would be more productive and more confident on the job.
  • 80% said the workshop helped them focus their conversations AND helped them feel more confident working with clients.


Everybody Up! By Melissa Love offers impactful workshops that remind your team that they are at the heart of everything you do.

Through experiential exercises, employees will be energized and inspired to engage, adapting and innovating in a space that shifts from feeling confined to feeling limitless.


  • 80% said they now can be more positive on the job.
  • 60% felt less anxious; 40% felt less stressed and less tense.
  • 100% said they now feel more comfortable with coworkers.
  • 89% said they will bring more creativity to their jobs.

About the Founder: Melissa Love

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Improvisor, Team Builder

Melissa Love is the founder of Everybody Up. She has over 20 years of pedal-to-the-floor experience working with companies nationwide, like Apple, Inc., Rolls-Royce North America, SuperValu, snack food manufacturers, casino resort destinations and secondary education institutions. Figuring out a way to get things done, work around obstacles and find opportunities for growth for her clients and employees has been her life-long mission and sticky client situations are her specialty.

She now combines these skills with applied communication tools to help businesses increase productivity with team building and employee engagement programs.