We help businesses open up the lines of communication via team building techniques (like improv) to increase innovation, productivity and employee retention. If your company is losing market share, experiencing client attrition or struggling with employee recruitment and retention then let’s set up a time for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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Are you profit-driven or people-driven? Is it possible to be both? By combining your leadership skills with a genuine authenticity that reflects your core values, you create a workplace that’s open and human. When people feel like they can be themselves and be honest in their feelings it naturally leads to more creative, collaborative teams. Read More.

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Building teams that are strong and united is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. When teams share a common vision, they are more productive and relaxed, the quality of work improves, relationships thrive and you’ll see a lower turnover as well as decreased absenteeism, all components that affect your bottom line. Read More.

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First impressions are built not only by how we present our physical selves, but by verbal and nonverbal skills as well. Your tone, expression, gestures and body language can speak volumes over what is said out loud. In fact, one popular study stated when it comes to determining our likability, body language accounts for 93% of communication while the remaining 7% are words. Read More.

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We may have knowledge of the subject matter we wish to convey but delivering your message in a calm, deliberate way is a whole other story. This program uses applied improv techniques and exercises to finally “kick fear to the curb.” You are enough. Read More.

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Unhappy American workers cost employers $300 billion dollars a year in lost productivity. Moreover, workers who face chronic stress suffer fatigue, irritability and illness. An employee’s level of happiness has direct effect on their commitment, productivity, creativity and relationships. Read More.

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There is power in making authentic connections with fellow humans. However, walking into a room of strangers can be difficult, not to mention the concept of getting into a first-time conversation with a complete stranger. Some find networking to be intimidating, even paralyzing. Read More.

I energize your staff. I come to your workplace and I allow adults to play again. Through these on your feet exercises, these interactions... relationships that normally take a year for people to get to know each other and build a strong community and make you can feel comfortable about approaching your supervisor, I can do in a couple hours. In a recent post-workshop survey I found that 100% of the participants were able to see their supervisors in a new light. Eighty percent said it would now be easier to tell their supervisor when they make a mistake. If you know about a mistake, sooner rather than later. It's going to make it so much easier to attack that problem and to build a process to remedy it. Right?

Sixty percent felt more productive...and that was just after one single one hour workshop. 100% said that it's going to make it easier for them to share their opinions and ideas with their supervisors. Sixty percent felt less anxious again, after just one hour.

I want to invigorate, energize and excite your workforce. Do you want people that are just clocking in and clocking out? Or do you want them to really feel like they love your company, they love working for you and they want to do great things for your customers and your clients. If so, I can help.

We are not actors, we are you. Having worked on the corporate side for over two decades, we have lived the office politics, insane client deadlines and difficult coworkers.

Partnership clients have included: Apple, Samsung, HPI Real Estate Services & Investments, Boundless Network, Goodwill, Comcast Cablevision, countless Indian tribes, operators of a grocery store chains, snack food manufacturers, restaurant chains, amusement parks and community colleges to name just a few. We have led teams and entire organizations to work together through difficult situations and support each other every step of the way. There are no mistakes, just opportunities!

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In just a few sessions, we will have your team connecting, supporting and adapting on the fly.

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Individuals and teams can see the benefits immediately.

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I spent the first 20 years of my career working the front lines with multi-million-dollar clients like Trump Entertainment Resorts, Rolls-Royce, Subway, Pizza Hut, Indiana Department of Transportation and Rolls-Human. In 2011 I fell into improv and found it could conquer my fear of public speaking and allowed me to always be my authentic self. Because of the strong connectedness and the 100% acceptance, it provided me a freedom I had never experienced before. Shared laughter, shared positive experiences, strong community, stress relief and group therapy all rolled up together… That’s the power of improv. This is why I now provide workshops to companies nationwide to inspire human connection, kindness and laughter in the workplace. If you’re looking to build bridges that connect managers to their team and attract inspired employees to grow your business Everybody Up! can help.

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Happy employees are 20% more effective and happy sales people produce 37% more sales!

Inspire a Love for Your Company Again with Corporate Team Building in Austin, TX

A workplace can be a tricky structure to navigate, particularly when there is a big disconnect between employees and employer. The only way to effectively increase productivity and employee morale is by seeking to improve workplace communication. Everybody Up! is a multi-faceted consultation service that focuses on team building, strengthening employee relations with their management, and increasing workplace satisfaction through improv and interaction. Make a solid investment in your company with our streamlined approach to increasing workplace harmony.

Energetic Improv Team Building Exercises for Long Lasting Results

Improvisation may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to increasing happiness within your team, but it is nonetheless an important aspect of professional development. This technique creates a safe space for your employees to open up and communicate about themselves, their hopes and dreams, as well as the things that are affecting them in their day to day work lives. The skills practiced during the workshops held by Everybody Up! creates a long lasting comfort that enables your team to work better through communication and fun. With everybody contributing, connections are made that improves efficiency, confidence and conflict resolution the most effective way.

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With over two decades of experience in creating harmonious workplaces for businesses of any size, Everybody Up! offers you the opportunity to bring your team together in a fun, interactive and invigorating way. Enjoy higher employee retention, increased productivity and a more creative way to communicate by scheduling a workshop today. Call us at (512) 695-9144 to find out more.

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