Build Your Community

Good morning, everybody. Melissa Love here. I am at Hill Country Bible Church this morning. I’m getting ready to speak to the Job Seekers Network group about networking. I was talking the other day about your power stance and finding your power song. As you know I use it before I go on stage, but it’s also helpful when you’re walking into networking arenas. So this morning, before I walked in the building, I played my favorite song, Defying Gravity. The chorus says, “because nobody can pull me down.” I think on Monday, we all need to be reminded of that. Don’t let anybody pull you down! And if you fail, it’s okay. Because it was just your First Attempt In Learning, right (FAIL)? Or your second attempt or your third attempt. And remember, if you fail, you can call me and I will celebrate you. Networking is all about building a community around you…. a community of people that support you and help you get ahead. Whether you’re selling yourself, selling your product, selling your services, or selling your personal brand while looking for a job…focus on building your community. This morning I am taking a lot of the same principles I use to help companies build strong communities and communicative cultures to a group of people that are in search of a job. They know they need to get out from the behind the computer and network. It’s going to be a great session.